Lockerz Redemption is now Live

People are buzzing out when  they see this word on lockerz wall (Redemption is now Live) because members of the said site like me is really waiting on it and looking forward to redeem such any item(s )on the month catalog ,who doesn’t by the way?? because this time around,   we can get the item(s) that we really want to get into for free, using our gathered pointz on the site but the problem was,Lockerz is so unpredictable, in away that we really cant predict when was the lockerz redemption will happen, it could be in the morning and sometimes afternoon and the worst evarr was late night..LOL but i think  lockerz give signs if they do open the redemption on a particular day as i observed it ok,but i am not pretty sure if they still doing it till now,and the sign that im talking about is when was the time that they been posted the redemption rules on wall  and after some hours they did open the ptz place as i always observed it (this was only my personal opinion), so if you see the redemption rules on your wall,you must expect that  lockerz  will open ptz place pretty soon and if i were   you, you must stay awake by that time..LOL what do you think??

Freebies site like the

A friend of mine invited me on this website who can give us such fribiz like what lockerz did, but first before we continue , bear in mind  that this post is not a paid post or advertiser post i just find it interesting that’s why i decided to put in anyways, actually i just browsing the whole site right now and trying my best to understand how is work but as much as i understand it , this site working on a referral basis wherein you have to refer someone that can make points to you then the points you’ve earned can be bid on in any items that is available on their product page , but im not sure though,lol just try to navigate the site if you have your account so, and please don’t request any link out of here to be able for you to sign up on the site because as Ive said that this post was under my disclaimer, just go on the parent link that is written on the title of this post and by the way you must have an facebook account first before signing up, because only facebook can be use to access their sign up link and stuff..:)

Another ways to get an items on beside of the Monthly Redemption Redemption

Due of the huge traffic that i got on my recently post how does lockerz redemption works i just want to share with you guys some ways  for us to get any items/products that we really love on the said website for free that is available on the Lockerz monthly catalog and one of them is by joining their contest(s) but as for to today i wont heard any new contest on their side but i do believe that sooner they’ll have another great contest that most members talk about , just be updated all of the time on their wall, if they’ll having a new one and  its might also help  for you to understand hows that works,lol but no worries they have a shop now wherein we can use our pointz as well not only by their monthly redemption but also to buy any items that we want that is suit on the pointz we have or have any discounted on the certain product(s)that we chosen ..its really depends on the pointz we have..really! but  if you have a lot of pointz you might get the product for free including the shipment fee for just only 150 pointz that is deducted on your total pointz but please bear in mind since the lockerz is on beta right now ,shop would not available on their international members as for today but do fairness to them they still working out regarding on the custom issues in order  their international members can be participate on their shop as well and i hope they’ll resolve it as soon as they can so that everyone will be happy using the site..:)

NOTE: this post is under on my disclaimer..:)

Thanks Danielfootwear for Sponsoring this blog..

Yeah,I got sponsored on this blog though this blog is new, its just about 3 months almost now,  maybe they noticed me because im a do follow blog? what do you think? anyways i got shocked when i received the email that they’re inviting me to a deal wherein they just want to put their widget  ads on my sidebar like what you’ve seen on my sidebar now who titled the D.K.N.Y and that christian Dior one and in return they will sponsoring me a blog contest if i want,since i don’t want to have any blog contest right now, Ive been decided to take the sponsored prize that they’ll giving away ,lol how shellfish i am? because i heard that one of their awesome designer’s flip flop is the prize to be, so i have to  get it to my self of course, then i will think after what and when can i get my own blog contest using my earnings to this blog not that designer’s flip flop as a prize..ahahha that is sounds good? by the way the company who gave me the awesomely  sponsorship is and because i got happy on  what they are giving me, i did a short review on their site that is posted here , a lot of thanks to them and i am looking forward to encounter or get such any sponsorship like this..hahah thanks and please do always update me here because soon ill have my blog contest and i hope you can participate on it..:)