Lockerz Z-Lister Members will have a Exclusive Redemption

Finally Lockerz decided to give such change to those z-listers like me who haven’t yet redeem to their catalog and i hope this time around i can get such  item that i seen great to have actually being a z-lister has this vip treatment on the company because us z-listers we can get points double than usual members and right now as i checked the site they even sell some wallpapers that can triple up your points in every videos,login,dailies questions that you deal with..but i dunno the full details about it just check the site for further info and if you are interested to have an account to the site just leave any comment below and as i read it ill get back to via email using the email that you been used to you comment..thanks

im quite busy nowadays so many tasks that i have to stressful my gawddd..LOL

Lockerz Redemption is now Live

People are buzzing out when  they see this word on lockerz wall (Redemption is now Live) because members of the said site like me is really waiting on it and looking forward to redeem such any item(s )on the month catalog ,who doesn’t by the way?? because this time around,   we can get the item(s) that we really want to get into for free, using our gathered pointz on the site but the problem was,Lockerz is so unpredictable, in away that we really cant predict when was the lockerz redemption will happen, it could be in the morning and sometimes afternoon and the worst evarr was late night..LOL but i think  lockerz give signs if they do open the redemption on a particular day as i observed it ok,but i am not pretty sure if they still doing it till now,and the sign that im talking about is when was the time that they been posted the redemption rules on wall  and after some hours they did open the ptz place as i always observed it (this was only my personal opinion), so if you see the redemption rules on your wall,you must expect that  lockerz  will open ptz place pretty soon and if i were   you, you must stay awake by that time..LOL what do you think??