I am not yet qualified on payu2blog..:(

Yeah, I am not yet qualified on the awesome program that i really frustrated to join with which called Payu2blog, because i heard so many good reviews and a lot of blogger are really satisfied on what payu2blog did by giving a lot of opps to them, they say.. that’s why i decided to be part of it, but this passed days Ive tried to apply some of my blogs but still i don’t even heard anything about my approval and it says that if you wont received any email with in 1-3 days its automatically declined  because they cant get in touched to those blog who does not meets their criteria,

I admitted now that i am not yet qualified on their program because when i chatted with mommyrubz last night , i found out that i have first at least 3 months old blog, also have a continuously post within  the 90 days given and the most  importantly you dont work even in any competitor’s program and your blog must be english of course .. and regarding on this blog maybe im qualify on other things but when i check out the date of my first post its dated on march 26,2010 so meaning i don’t have enough days to be qualified and i want to thanks mommyrubz for helping me out and for answering my questions though she having a lot of task that she have to finish..:) so let see if i got approve after 1 month more..lol

NOTE: this post is under my disclaimer, just to clear the air..:)

WordPress 3.0.0 is now available

as i opened this blog one thing that Ive been noticed with, that my wordpress software was telling me that the wordpress 3.0.0 is now available and even my other blogging friends are tweeted this already, so now, what do you think? do i have to upgrade my wordpress software or must better if i retain this old one? actually its ok then on my end if id still use this because i adept my self already on how this wordpress software works, so yeah i think i will retain this.lol how about you? do you upgrade yours? if so please let me know and hows the new wordpress then? please comment below so that i can consider the new wordpress too..lol thanks a lot

Another Way to Monetize Your Blog

To All Bloggers and Friends

I know Earn money online its a quite hard to do especially if you don’t have any idea’s on how to optimize blog because another companies wants your blog to be ranked first before they accept it on their program like what on other review site did, but this recently i found new and easy way to monetize your blog and absolutely no hard work to do, and the company that i was telling called  Theadnetwork.co.uk yeah this company giving me a great amount per month and take note they aren’t pay on dollars they are on British pounds and British pounds is quite high on a dollars rate right?

So the idea is like this , apply on their company over here then they’ll be asking you a 3 url of your blog and other get confuse on it because they knew that they have to put in 3 blog but its doesn’t seems like that and all you have to do for the 1 url just put the home page url of your blog that you about to apply with, ex.http://iamronel.com and on the second and third url you can choose pages or post within the parent url..gets? so simple like that uh, and after you sign up wait at least 1 to 2 days before they can review it and if you got accepted they giving you some code that you have to put in, in your chosen 3 pages that you indicated on your application and after that you’ll receiving 15 pounds (21.66 dollars) for your first month because of the 10 pounds sign up bonus and another 5 pounds for implementing their banner within 1 day and monthly they’ll paying you 5 pounds instantly directly into your paypal account , but no worries they doesn’t care if you have rank or not as long as they see their banners live on your blog they’ll pay you monthly and you can add many domains that you have as long they are able to pass their criteria …

additional info:

Lets say you’ll have 20 domain and all of them are accepted on the program you’ll get 100 pounds per month in no effort, how good the program is? check out my proof below

And if you find this helpful please do sign up under my ref link over here and if you got declined on the first try just try it again and please don’t forget to use my ref link..thanks

Pretty Amazing i can definitely Tweet over this blog

yes, you heard it right, i dont have to go on twitter it self just to tweet my rants and any information that i want to share with, because through this blog iamronel.com i can definitely tweet what ever i want too by simple login to this blog and put my tweet on my sidebar, lol actually you’ll just see the what im doing which you can read my tweets already but if you got online to this blog you’ll see as well a wall wherein you can write your things which is connected to twitter the perfect term will me integration , yes dear this blog is well integrated to twitter using the plugin twitter tools that i was blogged on the past days ago, just search the post over this blog if you are insistently want to do the same thing i have now..ok thats it for now..thanks

Fruit of hard work online! :)

Finally i bought this white pants on Guess that i really hoped-for in the long time because id like the style and the clothes was comfortable but the price is even good as well..lol but luckily this passed weeks ago a lot of opportunities that came a long into my blogs that i really amazed of ,that’s i why ive been given a change  to buy this quite expensive pants from guess  , though most of my pants are Guess Jeans  but this white pants is different to them because of the way the sew it and the back pockets was great indeed, that why i been frustrated to buy this before but now its mine already , so no worries at all,right?..lol and i just want to thank my some of my blogs for given me this kind of happiness right now,,lol by the way those blog are free hosted blog only and im just used a free domain as well which the co.cc and if you want to have one free blog using free domain Co.Cc which hosted by wordpress just pm me at this email Bustout@iamronel.com its my pleasure to help you out to have one  ..:)

So that’s it for now and ill post some of my things that i bought through my blogs earnings soon..thanks

wait.looooooooool you can know now how i fat because of that size,,lol,,:)

7 Days of waiting

As Ive said awhile ago that i applied already on my eon card because my bank was pretty sick by getting a big amount in every transferred that Ive been made to them and now eon card is the one can lean on help me to have a great amount though to the sense that they where deducted  us only 10 pesos in every transaction made, while i bring my self to the bank alone then what i have with me was my 2 valid ids and xerox copies of them and yeah as i go there the teller immediately assist me and i fiil up the form rapidly and the all process is done, i just need to wait 7 days for the card to be available on me and by then on i can use the card for my next transaction..finally

New blog:ronelmarin.net

Wow, i got another new blog again, though this blog is quite new but still i want to host another one which more identify my self becasue i used my full name of the domain it self, lol so yeah here’s my new link http://ronelmarin.net and i hope you can visit me there as well, but no worries ill be blogging same as unique like this one because i dont want to copy any bloggers work..who doesn’t by the way? lol and please as you head over to the new blog dont be lazy leaving any links of yours so that i can link you out as i open the site then and i am looking forward to on your love comments ok, thanks a lot

moved out on the new server

After trying out my former hosting plan which ive been  bought on my domain provider it self, now i was proven that my old hosting was pretty sick because this new server is awesomely good and i dont feel and down moment since i transferee this blog into this server, well on my former hosting this blog often down due with some update that their often do, my goodness gracious i hope they can fix their server issues so that their customer might move on the other server liked i did..lol ok let see this new server of mine, if the consistent will remain till the end or else ill definitely move into another one..lol because i wasn’t be down so often and as much as possible this server wont experience any down moment because there was a lot of stuff who can get affected then..

Messy Category

Sorry for the messiness of my blog category i had because i think i made a lot of categories in one topic only which in personal , actually all of my posts are belongs to personal but what i did was i made another one if ive seen a post quite informative because i just thinking that through category i can make my post get top on the list of search in particular keywords on the Google search engine that will bring this site looks quite commercial which isn’t, maybe i need to change some of my posts category or much better to emphasize my personal category by posting another new rants..what do you think? hehe

What is JejeMon?

A lot of  Tweet  had made even on the facebook wall has spoken about this  new word called Jejemon,Because people got confused nor just curious on this new word that people are commotion with,lol So what is the real meaning of this jejemon that most Filipino talk about?

If I am not mistaken vice ganda( one of the host of showtime) who’s the one who can gave meaning out of it and i dont know when he can get it, maybe on his old chest?haaha but anyways based on his, the jejemon are those people who can write words in different ways especially on text messages  like on what my cousin maricar did, yeah most of the teenagers right now are jejemon  or i must say all of them are really jejemon,lol and sometimes i got annoyed with those words that my cousin texted me because i really cant relate nor im just a old fashion or old enough for doing it?lol

Example of Jejemon Words

-uxtah Knah Pfou?(How Are you)

-Where nah u foe?jeje (where are you)

Saan kah pow pumuntah?? (where you’ve been)

That will be some examples that i know ,ok ill update these examples later after i can get my cousin maricar so that i can ask more example,,:)

By the way im not against on this new phenomenon word , i just don’t like to be one, because i cant relate and i dunno on how to do those words..lol