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Probably one of the most difficult decisions you would have to make in your life is deciding on what course you would take in college and the university that you would study in. It is a decision that could affect the rest of your life so it should not be taken lightly. Once you have decided which course you want, you would have to choose a university where that course excels. If you do graduate from a prestigious university, a great career awaits you. If you are at a loss on which college and university to attend, just go to the website ( and get the newest and most important data on colleges and universities in India and abroad.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic is a wholly owned product of Collegedunia Web Pvt. Ltd. based in New Delhi. It was created to empower students with knowledge so that they make a wise decision on which career path to take and which school to attend. It is an extensive search engine for students, parents, and education industry players who are looking for information on higher education sector in India and elsewhere in the world. This education portal will give you the most essential data on colleges and universities. Their interactive user interface and validated content makes them one of the most promising education portals.

Aside from the list of different universities, students can also search which courses are offered at each university and the admission process. Their database consists of more than 20,000 colleges and 6,000 courses in different categories like Management, Engineering, Medical, Arts, Science, Commerce, and Law. Their list of Art colleges is really extensive and the list starts with the university that has the highest rating. There are also courses in Agriculture, Architecture, Civil Aviation, Computer Applications, and Fashion Designing. Searching can be further narrowed down by location, ranking, ratings, fees and cutoff for different competitive exams.

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Having the power to live the way you do without anybody interfering with your decisions is a privilege some people do not get to enjoy. It is a fact that there are still people who are “caged” and cannot break free from conformity. There are young people who get dictated by their families on what course to take in college. There are also people who have few or no friends at all because their families tell them to pick the right friends. Not being able to get a tattoo or perhaps a mohawk just because some people might look at you differently and judge you. These are but a few examples of how some lives are restricted because of following strict rules of society.

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Tiger Beer presents its new campaign #uncage – unleash your pride. It encourages everyone to take on their dreams and break free from the shackles of conformity. “Uncage” tells you to think for yourself, follow your heart, and look at things with an open mind. In line with this concept and in celebration of National Day, Tiger Beer has collaborated with Tree Potatoes, a Youtube comedy channel run by Aaron Khoo, Elliot Tan, and Janice Chiang. It is such a hit that it is now one of the top three Youtube channels in Singapore. To them being uncaged means “stepping out of your comfort zone” to pursue what you love.

The video is a testament of how proud Singaporeans are of their country and their culture. It is Tree Potatoes’ way of unleashing local pride. It has a light and funny vibe to it and showcases the traits of Singaporeans like calling people by their rank even outside the office, recognizing the horn of the newspaper boy, walking fast because of the busy way of life, eating in the Hawker Centre, complaining about the weather but getting defensive when foreigners complain about Singapore, speaking three languages in a sentence, and everyone around you wears glasses.

Tiger Beer, one of the leading contemporary beer brands in the world enjoyed in over 75 countries in Europe, Latin America, Middle East and in Australia and USA, tells everyone to Uncage the Tiger within them and break free from the chains. Do your part in encouraging people by watching and sharing the video on Twitter and Facebook using #uncage and by sharing what you think of the video and in the process unleashing your pride about Singapore. To know more about this campaign, like the Tiger Beer Facebook page.

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Sponsored Video: Uncaging Football Through the Tiger Street Football 2014 #uncagefootball

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There is no greater feeling than being able to do something you are passionate about. It really does not matter what it is, either it be a hobby or a career that you simply cannot live without. But because of the rigors of everyday life, people sometimes forget to enjoy these things and instead go about life living like robots. I am no different from these people. There are things that I once loved doing that I do not get to do anymore as much as I want to because of my busy schedule. But I have realized that a life without fun and passion is a life wasted.

This message is conveyed in Tiger Beer’s latest campaign, Tiger Street Football 2014. They have made it more understandable through a short but inspiring video featuring the former Barcelona, Porto, and Chelsea midfielder Anderson Luís de Souza, more popularly known as Deco. This retired Brazilian-born Portuguese professional footballer is one of the few players who won the UEFA Champions League with two different clubs – FC Porto in 2004 and FC Barcelona in 2006. In the video, Deco is seen strolling in an empty stadium, then the stadium suddenly explodes. Towards the end, he is seen happily playing football in the street with a group of men. He describes what a beautiful game football is but he says that it has become too mechanically played and monotonous. Instead of playing with their hearts, players instead play with their heads. He then wonders why if football is so beautiful, then why do people keep it caged? It should be free and should be played anywhere even on the streets.

Tiger Beer, one of the leading contemporary beer brands in the world enjoyed in over 75 countries including Europe, USA, Latin America, Australia and the Middle East, seeks to uncage and set football free (#uncagefootball) and make the game better, breaking the boundaries around it through Tiger Street Football 2014. Deco invites all football fans to share their views on what they love or hate about football by July 28, 2014. They can likewise suggest new rules for the game by visiting the Tiger Uncaged Football Website. Fans from Singapore, Australia, and Cambodia with the best suggestions will win a trip to Barcelona for two and meet Deco in person. Fans can also redeem smaller prizes by completing activities on the website.

Help with this campaign by tweeting and sharing the video on the Tiger Twitter page using #uncagefootball. Stay updated with the latest information about Tiger Beer by liking their Tiger Facebook page and subscribe to the Tiger Youtube channel to view all their campaigns.

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Etro Autumn Winter 2013-14 collections

Etro is a popular Italian fashion house. It launched its 2013-14 Fall-Winter collections with beautiful collections marketed by models Tom Heukets and Andres Risso.

The store stocks both men and women collections which are elegant and stylish. Their designs are original and made for the spring. Men’s collections include Jackets, shirts, jerseys, scarf’s, trousers, ties and belts. Women collections include dresses, jackets, shirts, tops, trousers, bags, shoes, purses and scarfs. There are different beautiful and high qualities, coats for men such as the French coat, Safari jackets and Down jackets.

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All the jackets and coats come in different, styles, patterns and colors and are made from high quality fabrics and are all durable. They also stock high quality suits made of high quality fabric. The suits come in different patterns, styles and colors. High quality shirts are also available both short and long sleeve, casual and official. The shirts are made to measure and look elegant and stylish Jackets come in different patterns; casual, official, single and double breast.

They also stock jerseys, knitwear and scarfs. Women clothes include, beautiful designer coats, most of them knee long. They are made from quality fabric, mainly pure wool and nylon and are available in different patterns, styles and colors and also available in short and long sleeves.

One perfect gift is worth a thousand words

“If you’re like me, sometimes words and emotion flow easily, even effortlessly like an old faucet that really needs adjustment. However this isn’t always the case and yes it certainly oscillates depending on who I’m pouring my sensitive heart out to. It’s easy with my mom, it’s even easier with my puppy, but we all have that special someone in which that verbal and emotional faucet seems screwed a little too tight? It can be hard to tell that person, ‘Hey, I really love you.’ However it doesn’t have to be.

Remember whenever your old English teacher mentioned, ‘show, don’t tell? ’ That’s specifically what the appropriate, well thought out gift can do. It shows your love, and honestly, that may often mean more. Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than the correct gift, and finding the right one can be the hard part. These suggestions might really assist you to form those words, you’ve really never known how you can say.
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1. A Rolex

A classy and beautiful watch, for example, doesn’t have to be tacky. I personally would recommend the timeless classic, the three-piece suit of watches, the Rolex. If you’re nervous about producing such a hefty investment in the watch, never fear, you can keep its components up-to-date and in perfect working order at rolex repair los angeles.

And just as with any high-class item, Rolex cares relating to your feelings and experience. Or if you have any questions, you can always contact rolex customer service and so they would be excited to help you out! Trust me, I’ve tried and been satisfied.

2. A framed memory

Another excellent option would be to discover that perfect photo that can bring you both straight back to a certain place and time. If you spend the right time at the right framing store, you can have something as simple and inexpensive as a picture turn into a coveted piece of wall art that can start conversations and turn memory lane into a smaller lane plus more of a thorough fair. Remember, the correct gift doesn’t have to hurt your wallet, it just has to move the center. Put some thought involved with it, it’s fun!
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3. The right meal

My own favorite gift to give is just one that I can share and even benefit from. If you love to cook, someone is going to love to eat your cooking, i prefer to chances and cook are. That’s a different story, even though that is, unless you’re like my neighbor’s mother. Discover what that special person’s favorite dish is, and peruse the internet for the ideal recipe so it will be exactly how they likes it. Everyone knows how the perfect secret ingredient in most home cooked meals is love and if you know that, the secret to someone’s heart is through their stomach. Bon appetite and happy gifting! And don’t forget, it’s the thought that counts, as long as it comes with a gift.”

Does a NFL Player Have to go to College?

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The National Football League (NFL) does not require its players to have college football experience but almost all of them do. It’s the best way for aspiring football pros to impress NFL scouts by showing their capabilities to play on an NFL team. According to the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA), the governing body of college football, the NFL drafts one out of every 50 college football players each year.

However, for players with no college football experience, the draft odds fall to one in 1250. Although those chances are very low, they are not zero. The NFL has picked up football players who had never played a down in college but somehow managed to impress the right people at the right time in the NFL. Here’s an introduction to five fortunate NFL players:

Antonio Gates

Gates played a college sport. It just wasn’t football. He played college basketball for four years but a professional basketball career was not in his cards. So Gates turned to the NFL and the San Diego Chargers took him in even though the tight end had not played on the gridiron since his last year in high school.

Eric Swann

Academic issues dashed Swann’s plans to attend North Carolina State University. Consequently, his football career set off on a rather unorthodox path. After playing for a semi-professional football team, Swan entered the 1991 NFL draft where he was quickly chosen by the Phoenix Cardinals in the first round.

Vince Papale

Known as the inspiration behind the biopic “Invincible,” Papale received a track scholarship to attend Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia where he excelled at pole vaulting and the long jump. After graduating, Papale played on a semi-professional team, and his performance caught the attention of Dick Vermeil and the Philadelphia Eagles. Joining the Eagles as the oldest NFL rookie at age 30, Papale played wide receiver and special teams for two years until a shoulder injury ended his career.

Ray Seals

Seals probably became the most successful football player to never have attended college after he started for the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XXX.  The defensive end went from playing on a semi-professional team to playing eight seasons of NFL football for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Pittsburgh Steelers and Carolina Panthers.

Darren Bennett

The Australian-born punter asked the San Diego Chargers for a tryout while he happened to be honeymooning in California. Bennett wowed the Chargers enough that he was given a place on the team, although he didn’t become the Chargers regular punter until about two years later. Bennett had played Australian rules football for twelve years before joining the Chargers but he had not gone to college before playing in the NFL. Bennett had a number of very good seasons that resulted in several invitations to start in Pro Bowls.

These five players proved that college football isn’t the only stepping stone to a NFL career. Three of these five players never went to college and two didn’t play football in college, but all of them went on to lucrative professional football careers. Any extremely lucky and talented football player can begin an NFL career as soon as they are three years removed from their high school graduation date, even if they haven’t played college football.


NCAA:  Estimated Probability of Competing in Athletics Beyond the High School Interscholastic Level

MadeMan:  5 NFL Players That Did Not Go to College

Draft Site:  NFL Draft Rules

Suasn writes about NFL at allpro her blog.

Great Biker Gear – Tips On How to Pick The Right Type of Biker Boots

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One of the most popular (and infamous) types of biker gear are biker boots. In recent years, these boots have been appropriated by the fashion industry and, at some point, were even associated with hipster culture. Despite its recent popularity, however, biker boots were always meant to be tough and practical. If you’re not wearing a good pair of boots while riding your bike then expect whatever it is you’re wearing to fall apart very fast.

However, most people who have limited experience in riding motorcycles don’t know a lot about biker boots (or most types of biker gear for that matter). There’s the widespread misconception, for example, that these boots are just items that people wear for aesthetic reasons. This is not the case. Riding a motorcycle, especially for extended amounts of time, is not only physically exhausting, it also exposes you to certain risks. When you factor in heat, rain, fog, not to mention the occasional physical risks, and you get a general idea of why biker boots need to be durable but comfortable items. Furthermore, having a comfortable pair of boots helps you focus and react more easily to sudden changes on the road.

On the other hand, it’s important to remember that the average pair of biker boots will include lead, carbon and whole lot of rubber, items which are not exactly comfortable or light. When you add heavy gloves, leather pants and biker’s jacket, you get an entire set of clothes which are not only relatively heavy, but also cumbersome to a certain degree. So in choosing a good pair of biker boots, it’s important to consider a few things.

First of all, biker boots should be difficult to put on and remove. This is because having your boots on in the event of a crash may just save your life. This is why some boots have Velcro closures, since it allows them to firmly hold on to your feet even under very difficult situations.

Next, try to get a pair of boots with stiff soles. This is because these kinds of soles can flex effectively regardless of the terrain. In contrast wearing soft-soled boots will lead to sore feet since your feet will be stuck on the foot peg most of the time, and the foot peg absorbs most of the motorcycle’s vibrations. This is why most biker boots have tough soles. They are designed to isolate your foot from the rest of bike’s vibrations.

Thirdly, you will need to think about protection. Your biker boots should protect your feet from a physical impact. An accident will not only cause abrasions, in some cases it can also lead to twisted muscles and broken bones. Because of this, it’s important to get boots which not only protects your feet, but can also absorb most of the energy of an impact. These types of boots include special reinforcements of the toes, ankles and shin areas, all of which are most vulnerable whenever you’re on a bike.

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