E-castig.com is a Scam!

Freebies is the one that i really seeking for on the net, but quite sometimes i just got scammed on what site that i been joined with ,lol like what I’ve been experienced on the website called E-castig.com , Actually at first i have a feeling that this site is really a scam because the site wasn’t look a pro and they have a lot of wrong spelling each one of their pages(like this blog of mine..lol) but still i  give them i change to try what they are offering with us, which is giving some freebies that i know everyone loves, lol so in order for you to get your chosen freebies like iphone,lap top,camera and so on each one of the freebies has a corresponding points that you have to finish by just giving them some  traffic  by just promoting your own link that they given on your profile and if you got finished they say that they will contact you after their given date was ended,but in my case i even finished mine but they wont contact me so i doubt it and trying to researching those winning that they posted on their site and luckily i found one person that posted on the winners list and i ask her if she really won on the site and she told me that she wont even participated on the site and i been proven that this guy is a big scam that’s why ill warn you on this site so that no one can scam again like they did with meeee..

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