Verify your Paypal using Eon card(union bank)

One of the best way to verify your paypal account is to have an Union eon card because the card was easily to avail and the price is  awesome then, because its only cost you 350 pesos per annually, so if you have a plan to verify your account using this card just watch the full video until its end up  , so that you will know the step by step procedure on how to verify your paypal

10 thoughts on “Verify your Paypal using Eon card(union bank)

  1. waw.. tnx 4 d info but i dont use pay pal hehe.. i dnt knw how 2 use it e hahha.. mas mdli ang credit card hehhhe

  2. man, your posts are informative, true. but you should at least check your grammer.

    i thought Paige’s reply was sarcastic. LOL.

    1. thanks man..but please bear with me because ive been changed some text and paragraph on it with some advertiser reasons that i wasn’t be able to tell yah but no worries i will update this info on my next post just get back and check on it after i posted it..LOL anyways thanks foh droppin by and id like the way you commented me..:)))

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