Stussy x W-Line “How I Roll” Racer BMX Bike



Most of the dudes will be surely love to know about this great piece from the two giant brand today when it comes to street funk fashion which the Stussy & W-Line. Actually, this item wouldn’t be possible if these 2 companies aren’t be collaborated and bring this awesome piece,“How I Roll” Racer BMX Bike, today, Of course! That’s why I am so happy to know that these companies had this great business relationship and bring this dope bike on today’s fashion and street market.

The Bike had this product name of ” “How I Roll” Racer BMX Bike” and you may buy this on the stussy site for about $1200 ( if I dont mistaken) check the site for the further details about this great bike here. I hope I can have this too soon..:)

Alright, that’s it for now and will try to blog up some more street fashion related topics. Thanks!

Fashion for Every Fashionista Only at Bank Fashion


Check dope men’s wear here:

Shopping online is so addicting. Imagine buying the things you want and need at the comforts of your home, wearing your house clothes and being as comfortable as you can be. Then just waiting for your parcels to arrive at your doorstep. I used to have doubts about online shopping but now I actually prefer it than conventional shopping. So far I haven’t had any bad experiences about it. One of the most visited and popular online shops nowadays is Bank Fashion. It sells a range of clothing, footwear, and accessories from brands such as Adidas, Converse, Deakins, Havaianas, Lee, Levi’s, Puma, Reebok, Criminal Damage clothing and a lot more. If you prefer designer clothes, they also sell Calvin Klein. Shoppers can save on designer clothes if they shop with Bank Fashion because of free home delivery in UK for items over 50 pounds.


Bank Fashion is a one stop shop for Men’s clothes, footwear, and accessories. Among the clothes they sell are T-shirts, polo shirts, chinos, jeans, shorts, hoodies, sweats, track tops, knits, jackets and coats. As for footwear, shoppers can choose from a variety of boots and shoes, flip flops and sandals, canvas and plimsolls. There are accessories such as caps, bags, wallets, sunglasses, underwear, socks, belts, gloves and scarves. I particularly like their polo shirts because they have every style and color I like. There’s a size chart so buyers can accurately buy items without returning them because of the wrong size.

The site is very user friendly because once you click an item you like, information such as care and material, size and color available are displayed. There’s also information about delivery and returns. Orders over £50 is free. Buyers have an option to order online and have the items sent at the nearest Bank Fashion store without charge. Bank Fashion delivers worldwide in selected countries through reputable courier services. Orders can be tracked once it has already been dispatched.

Buyers can pay for their purchases with a variety of payment options such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Paypal. And it’s definitely secure to shop with Bank Fashion. The site offers discounts and sale items of up to 75% off. There’s a 10% discount for students who registered with email addresses ending in How wonderful could that be! Problems about the products can arise along the way but they have an efficient customer service team who can address every clients’ needs and concerns.

Taeyang’s Fashion


On Korean’s fashion today. Taeyang’s fashion is the most talked about and even most followed one by the netizers and most especially his fans. Because look, he just got this simply statements, but yet still, you can see the swagness on there. Which actually hard to achieved as you’re only into plain shirt one. Like what you’re seeing him wearing on the photo on top. I think, confidence and being comfortable on what you’re wearing is a must as you eager too, to shown off your own dopeness.

Also, if you want to follow all of his fashion styles and to know what brads he’s often wears. I suggest you to avail any cables network available where you residing for you to watch him often and learn how does he rock his outfit’s on.

Classic Elegance: Tudor Watches ( Sponsored Video )

It has always been my dream to own an elegant watch that would withstand the test of time. A watch that I could give even to my children and grandchildren. A watch that I would buy even if it’s expensive because of its technology, great craftsmanship and style. Tudor watches embody all those characteristics and then some. In 1946 Hans Wilsdorf first opened Tudor Watch company. He is also the man behind Rolex watches. He decided to have a separate company because he wanted to manufacture more reasonably priced watches that are still technically and aesthetically superior than other brands. Wilsdorf wanted to honor the Tudor period of England that’s why he chose that name. At first, Tudor used the Tudor rose, which is the emblem of England, as its logo. It was changed in the late 1960’s into the shield sign.




The Tudor Oyster Prince was launched in 1952 with a very aggressive marketing campaign. The advertisements showed how reliable, durable, and resistant these watches are. They can be worn even at extreme conditions. As the brand became even more successful, the 1960’s saw the emergence of watches that can be worn even underwater. Models such as Tudor Prince Submariner (1964-1966) and Marine Nationale (early 1970’s-1984) showed more technical designs and added funtional features. In 1970 the Tudor Oysterdate Chronograph was introduced and evolved from manual to automatic. The Grantour Collection first presented in 2009, showed a new series of watches along with a new slogan: “Designed for Performance. Engineered for Elegance”. Tudor is continuously evolving and thus improving its performance and making its style more impeccable.

Tudor is truly an innovative brand as evidenced by its fabric straps. The hand-crafted straps add style and sophistication to the watch as well as comfort. Each Tudor watch is made with utmost precision and with high technology. All materials are tested to the smallest detail and are of highest quality. Watches are meticulously crafted. Surely, every Tudor watch spells durability, reliability and stylishness.

A new addition to its growing collection is the new Tudor Heritage Advisor presented in 2011. It’s a modern take on the 1957 alarm watch and has a mechanical alarm clock module. Changes were made to make it more stylish and modern. You can choose either a three-piece link steel bracelet or an alligator leather strap. The new Advisor also comes with a black fabric strap decorated with raised rows of interwoven satin. This shows Tudor’s innovativeness. Blending traditional style with new concepts of technology, craftsmanship, and style.

Sponsored by Tudor.

My Rolex Daytona Replica for Unequalled Prestige


Celebrities have always fascinated me. The unparalleled style, the unquestionable taste, the flair to carry it off with panache – I have always longed for all these and more. And had been convinced that it’s all gonna be a pipe dream. Until, I bought my Rolex Daytona Replica. Well, life is never the same. This replica by Rolex accords me a recognition and dignity that I had never thought to find in this life.

The replica by Rolex Daytona is the most in-demand replica Rolex. All the top notch quality and excellent craftsmanship that is guaranteed by the original Rolex has been mine with my replica by Rolex Daytona. These exquisitely crafted watches come in a variety of designs. Every special feature that is found the original has been reproduced with 100% authenticity in my replica Rolex.

The flawless beauty of the movement of the hour and seconds hands makes me want to pause and admire it time and again. Well, it may seem odd when my eyes may seem glued to my replica by Rolex Daytona, but what the hell. I can’t seem to help it. People who find my habit strange, stop wondering once they see my replica, because they find it irresistible too.

And the beauty of the fact is my replica by Rolex Daytona has come to me with an amazingly affordable price tag which is in fact less than a third of what I would have had to pay for the original. The replica Rolex is my most prized possession. Doors open before me effortlessly. I have become a must have name in the party lists of all my friends and colleagues. And they take special care to introduce me to their guests.

Well, what to say? The life of a celebrity can be tough at times, but with my Rolex Daytona replica I am willing to enjoy it.

Replica Rolex Air King: Stylish and Durable Watch


Rolex is a brand which is the symbol of position and status. Rolex is recognized all around the world as the sequence of designer and stylish watches which is appreciated and worn by both men and women. The exclusive Rolex Air King watches are made of topmost and supreme quality which has also depicted outstanding performance. However, since the price of original and genuine Rolex and Rolex air king watch was highly expensive and so it was out of reach of many fashion follower who definitely want to possess stylish and designer watched but at the same time cannot afford to buy the style icons. So, the fashion followers get inclined to possess and wear the Replica Rolex Air King watches which show the sense of fashion and also show the delicate taste. Moreover, this replica rolex watch becomes quite affordable for the ordinary class of fashion followers. So, when the similar kind of design and style is available in just fraction of amount so why to spend the great and big dollars.

These replica rolex air king watches are incredible durable which is also well presentable also. You can buy these watches from any of your nearest store or you may also buy them from the online websites where you may select the leather straps watches or also the watches having stainless steel. When you buy any Rolex replica watches you may be sure about the quality of material used while manufacturing them. The best part about these watches is that it appears to be real and genuine deal and no one can ever determine the difference between the Rolex watches and the Replica watches without the professional eyes.
So in the nutshell it can be fairly said that Replica watches offer Supreme quality, outstanding appearance with incredible low price which has made the Rolex watches quite popular and renowned.

Male Hollywood Celebrities with Great Fashion Sense



These fashionable Hollywood celebrities have unique style. Unique style is the most important part of good fashion sense. These stars look so great that you may wonder if they have design degrees and that is how they got so stylish. But great style doesn’t look like it takes any effort. This is why I have picked these male celebrities as the best dressed in Hollywood.

  • Robert Pattinson from “Twilight” – Robert Pattinson has his own sense of style. It looks like he just wakes up with his hair styled that way. I love his casual red carpet looks that are also formal. He makes fitted suits look natural like blue jeans. Robert Pattinson is definitely a favorite style inspiration. He can put fancy jackets with boots and still look fashionable.
  • Ed Westwick from “Gossip Girl” – Another favorite style icon is also a popular TV star. Ed plays Chuck on “Gossip Girl.” I like how his character dresses, but Ed’s clothes in real life are even more fashionable. He looks better casual than dressed up as Chuck. His Ray-Ban Remasters sunglasses are classic rock and roll cool style.
  • Pharrell Williams – Pharrell Williams is a rap star with great fashion sense. He wears leather biker jackets very fashion-forward. His Steve McQueen biker jacket style is modern and classy at the same time. His accessories, like colorful Nike basketball shoes, go well with light wash jeans. His fashion sense is very urban rapper. Pharrell looks the most modern and hip on this list. His style could be from the streets of Japan.

All these male style stars have very fashion forward style. It could be beneficial to you to take online college classes in fashion to learn to mix trends like these stars. The trends to watch are leather jackets, blue jeans, and boots paired with tailor suits. The look is so rock and roll.


“Vogue” (2012)

WhoWhatWear (2009)

G-dragon x Dope Couture


High-End Snapback by Dope Couture


Midnite Snapback Cap (Black) by Dope Couture

I’ve noticed today, G-dragon, Korean Singer, is often wearing some dope and swag caps that can actually make him look so hip and punk these days. Look the photos on top, those are the photos of his performances wearing these caps from the awesome brand Dope Couture.

Dope Couture is specialized on caps and some other men’s accessories that most celebrities are wearing today. And their designs are well conceptualized that may suits to everyone’s personality.. Yeah – that’s the edge of this label to the other same brands out there because they really make their products for not just in fashion but also for the sake of their consumers..

BTW, on the first photo.. GD is wearing the Midnite Snapback Cap color black that has a price of $40.00 , while on the second photo, he is wearing this dope couture high-end snapback that has price of $22.99 in online shop and to other shops online that had these Dope Couture pieces selling…

Okay, that will be all for now. And will update you some more in the other day, I just freaking tired today..hehe Thanks!

Taeyang x Boy London


Taeyang, Korean singer belongs to the group Big Bang, had spotted wearing an dope cap( as always) from the London brand called Boy London. The brand is newly heard from me because as we all know, I usually blogged some of those well and high-end fashion brands. But anyways, this brand, as I checked, I must say, all of their pieces esp. those men piece are really swag and has this dopeness that’s why Taeyang is considered their piece “boy cap” for their one of performances this recently.

Actually, Taeyang is really used to wear some baseball caps( other called it swagger caps) because this was his trade mark I believed since he became a celebrity..


“BOY” cap by Boy London

Chanel Fall 2012 RTW






Most of the fashion power house companies like Balmain, McQueen,Paco Rabanne,Versace and even this Chanel had already shown their fall collection on each time of fashion shows in Milan and Paris. Becuase they have and needed to give us a peak on their each of their  collection for us to know on what we do expect on their brand in the particular season comes..

Today, lemme show to you some of Chanel creation that are includes for their fall collection, what do you think on chanel’s collection? dope or nope? for me, its dope because they uses different cuts and they do played in some colors on each creation they have for this fall.. And look, the shoes looks quirky and way different too, on those usual heels that we’d often seen on the market today..

About the pricing details? again, as for now, I really dont know how much it cost per each pieces, however, soon I got to know, sure thing, I will update you again here…