Exquisite Jewellery and Timepieces

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Even with the unstable economy we can still see some women wearing dazzling jewelry. I guess it’s something that women cannot simply get rid of: the love for beautiful jewelry. Because of the popularity of online shopping, more businesses set up online stores where customers can see their merchandise right at the comforts of their own homes. Even jewelry stores have websites. David M Robinson, long regarded as one of the most popular and reliable brand in fine jewellery and watches showcase its collections in its online store.

David Robinson who has been in the business of jewellery design and creation since the late 1960s remains popular worldwide because of his exquisite and innovative jewellery collections. Having received many awards for his outstanding work, he still continues to make wonderful jewellery up to this day. David M Robinson now employs more in house goldsmiths than any other retailer in the North of England. His team includes designers, skilled watchmakers, and display artists. However, his collections remain exclusive to his showrooms.

David M Robinson sells designer jewellery such as rings, bracelets and bangles, earrings, necklaces and pendants, Georg Jensen and Patek Philippe Jewellery. People who love luxury watches will also find timepieces from brands like Patek Philippe, Rolex, IWC Schaffhausen, Officine Panerai, Cartier, Omega, TAG Heuer, Raymond Weil, and Longines. Probably among the most popular is Cartier. We all know that a Cartier watch is synonymous with excellent quality and great taste. It’s timeless because its various styles blend evenly with modern designs. Shoppers will also find men’s Omega watch in David M Robinson. Omega watches are often the first choice of many when looking for a quality timepiece. They are prominent in many major sporting events.

David M Robinson has stores in London, Liverpool One, Manchester, Chester, Altrincham, and Southport. They are the official jewellery and watch partner to the Professional Footballers Association and League Managers Association.

Amazing Deals at VoucherKing

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I do a lot of online shopping because it’s more convenient, faster, and easier. With my busy schedule I’m able to squeeze in some time to buy the things I need like clothes, shoes, bags, accessories etc. Plus, most of the items are cheaper and with today’s economy it’s best if we could save as much money on the things we buy. Furthermore, there are plenty of online stores that accept coupons and/or vouchers where you can get as much as 50% off on selected items. Nowadays, it’s best to explore our options and find ways to not go beyond our budget.

One of the must-visit websites for the latest voucher codes from 1,000 of your favourite retailers in the UK is VoucherKing. There are voucher codes available from establishments like Abercrombie Fitch, Casio, Electrotown, Gadgets UK, Elegance Fashion, Amazon, Ikea, Krispy Kreme, Levis, Macys, Next Flowers and so many more. They even have Debenhams Voucher codes. Get all the latest codes and deals delivered to your email every week by subscribing to their newsletter.

Shoppers can choose the items they want from categories like Electronics, Entertainment, Business, Fashion, Children, Finance, Food and Drink, Gifts, Health and Beauty, Holidays and Experiences, Home and Garden, Sports and Outdoors, Travel, and Utilities. It’s actually very easy to use these voucher codes. Simply add the items you want in your shopping cart and proceed to checkout. VoucherKing will ask you to enter the voucher code or promotional code when you reach the payment portion. Avail of their Top Deals in one of their tabs and get as much as 80% off on some items.

TRIWA 2013 Spring/Summer Sunglasses Collection

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Summer season is coming or already on your country, I dunno.. And as this hot season comes. I know most of you are changing your regimens or daily routines for you to make yourself presentable like for example the beauty products that you’d always put on your face, you might then consider adding some products that has an SPF on it for you to have this protection against on the sun hits, also on your way to dress up or clothes, you might prefer wearing these light clothes like tank tops, shirt basics and such related. Yeah! as season change we people have to change too for us to adapt the environment itself.

Recently, the brand TRIWA had released their spring summer sunglasses collection through postcard printing as an preparation on this season. And I must say, all their sunglasses includes on this collection are looking so fashionable and it never fails you to make hip on today’s fashion.. Look the collection’s sunglasses on the top photos.. and you may buy them now over online through the brand’s TRIWA online shop. Heads up Google and search over their online shop yourself for you to see further details about this collection. Because I cant include their link up in here because this post is supposed to be an “clean link post”, alright, that’s it for now and please keep on visiting me here for more fashion collections updates. Thanks!

Official Watches Luxury Collections

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There are a lot of people who love collecting watches especially luxury branded ones. This habit will certainly prove lucrative in the long run since watches like Rolex, Patek Philippe, Omega, Cartier, Longines, Chanel, Breitling, Tissot and many others never depreciate, on the contrary, its value increases over time. Not everyone is lucky enough to afford these brands and most of us can only dream of owning even one piece.

One of the leading sellers of luxury watches is Official Watches. They are known worldwide for their many collections and excellent customer service. The company was founded in 2006 but only ventured online in 2007. Through their online store, they were able to present their items for all of their customers, even those overseas, to see. Every watch you see in the store is available or on-hand. Official Watches guarantees that every watch is in superior condition and unworn. They also provide services such as watch repair, part exchange, and pawn broker.

Customers will get to view Richard Mille RM011 watches for sale on the website. This brand mixes great technology and a sporty design. It is absolutely functional, water resistant, and stylish. Other features include sapphire crystal glass face, Asia Automatic Movement, Solid 316 Stainless Steel Case, and 55 Hour Power Reserve among others. They not only deliver to UK but internationally. Delivery is made by Royal Mail Special Delivery. They accept all major debit and credit cards including Switch, Delta, VISA, SOLO and MasterCard as well as cheques and cash. They charge 2% on all credit cards and 5% on AmEx.

Precious Signet Rings at Rebus

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For those who do not have any idea what a signet ring is, it is a finger ring containing a small seal, one’s initial, or the like. Wearing one goes back to ancient Egypt and is used to prove the authority of its bearer and has also been seen as a symbol of power. In modern times, they are made by intaglio engraving in metal and semiprecious gems and are often used as souvenir or membership piece, an example of which is a class ring.

Rebus provides superior precious metal engraving of signet rings for over 40 years and continues its high standards. They have a team of in-house expert hand engravers whose motto is to manufacture excellent hand engraving by using traditional hand engraving tools and die stamped signet ring blanks. Buyers can shop by category such as Oxford Oval Extra Heavy Weight Signet Ring, Oxford Oval Heavy Weight Signet Ring, Cushion Signet Ring, Landscape Oval Signet Rings, Silver Signet Rings, Cufflinkgs, Pendants, Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium.

Wearing engraved Men’s Gold Signet Rings at Rebus is a means of making a bold statement and at the same time channeling a classic English legacy. Nowadays, anyone can wear men’s gold signet rings and somewhat wear their personal identity on their finger. They come in different styles, the most popular of which is the classic Oxford Oval. They also come in various colors like classic yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. All can be personalized according to your preference and taste and would be a nice fashion accessory or even a gift.

Caring for Watches: A Watch Owner’s Guide

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High end, luxury watches are designed to last. They’re built for longevity so you know that it’s not just the designer name you’re paying for, but also the intricate detailing, the love and care in the expert craftsmanship and the quality materials that will give your watch extended life.

But great care is still needed if you want to preserve the beauty of your watch. Here is some watch care advice to keep your favourite time pieces looking as beautiful as they day you purchased them.

Top Tips for Watch Care

If you want to prolong the aesthetics and also the functioning ability of your chosen timepiece, take a look at our guidelines for watch care.

  • Avoid water damage – this is always one of the biggest threats to expensive watches and jewellery. If your watch is not water resistant, make sure you adhere to the strict instructions for cleaning and care. You must also remember that water resistant watches are not waterproof; these are two very different things. So unless stated otherwise, you should never participate in water sports wearing your watch.
  • Keep and eye on temperature levels – did you know that extreme heat or extreme cold could damage your watch? Try to avoid extreme temperatures and when storing your watch, make sure it’s in a cool, dry and safe place. Moisture in the air or damp can cause complications so always ensure you have a dedicated storage place that your watch can call home when it’s not on your wrist.
  • Don’t throw away the original packaging – always keep the original box it came in. Not only does throwing it away devalue the watch itself, but having a good storage box can keep your watch protected from the elements.
  • Clean your watch regularly – just like you would maintain your home or your car, watches and jewellery require cleaning too. Watches, including their straps, can be quite fragile and tough to clean. The best way to clean a watch is to use a soft cloth. Harsh cleaning materials can cause scratches so make sure you use lint-free cloths.
  • Avoid contact with chemicals – never use harsh chemicals when cleaning your watch. A soft cloth is usually sufficient but if you must use anything, use mild detergent or soap. Chemicals, solvents or even gases can case discolouration or deterioration to your watch.
  • Do not play sports with your watch on – most high quality watches are shock resistant to an extent these days. However, it is not recommended that you play sports or do anything too active whilst wearing an expensive watch. Shock can damage your watch so make sure you have a sports watch replacement before you begin your game / gym workout.

We hope you have found these watch care guidelines useful. To find out more about designers watches, visit http://www.watts1858.co.uk/ . Watts 1858 are experts in Omega watches, Bremont,Tissot, Tag Heuer, Mont Blanc, Armani and more.


Body Jewelry


A lot of you guys might ask me on what pieces that we must have for this year 2013 for us to be trendy and dope most especially for men’s end. Because men had this different attack on their fashion than to a girl. Because girl’s fashion as every usual today and they can easily make themselves fashionable through these pieces or creations available in the market today. So, what are these pieces that a man should have? I think Body Jewelry is one of the list because this kind of jewelry are the one in trends when the year’s starts(2013). Secondly, the plain shirt are still on trends and also the chinos pants because these pieces are the most comfortable finds that man used to wear often.

When it comes to accessories. Men should have some dope caps as this summer and spring season comes and also this dope eye wear because these things are very useful and at the same it can make you more look fashionable. I think the key is, be your self and dont be so exaggerated things out. And am pretty sure that you’ll become the most outstanding and dopeness among all as you have these all..

Alright, that will be all for now and I hope you’d have a great time reading this post. Thanks so much and have yourself a great weekend..:)

The Perfect Wedding Ring for the Perfect Wedding


Getting married to the love of your life is probably one of the happiest days in a person’s life. It’s something that you won’t ever forget as long as you live. A wedding band symbolizes not only a couple’s lifetime commitment to each other but also represents the love that each person feels for one another. Since the wedding band is so important in a wedding ceremony, couples should choose which band to buy with utmost care. They should take their time in picking what they think suits their respective personalities the most and be sure that it’s something that they won’t regret ever buying.

Among the most commonly used wedding rings are white gold wedding bands. It’s a shiny white precious metal whose value is lower than yellow gold but is mostly preferred by couples because it looks more elegant, modern, and chic. Yellow gold wedding bands are deemed too old fashioned and grand by some people so it doesn’t look flattering. White gold bands are also better because it has a good appraisal or market value and it looks very clean and sharp. For people who are on a budget and can’t afford platinum bands, this is the best choice because it’s cheaper.

White gold wedding rings are quite versatile. It’s actually up to the couple what kind of style they would like to do with it. If you’re the type who likes things to be simple, you can have a plain wedding band. You can also have your names engraved inside the wedding bands. For people who are more extravagant and want a design that is quite intricate, there are two toned white bands and those with diamonds and other precious stones engraved in it. White gold wedding bands can also be mixed with bronze and gold for a tri-color look.

Choosing the perfect wedding ring or having one made isn’t that easy. Couples should consider things like having the bands fitted for a perfect fit and deciding together what kind of design they want. Probably the most important aspect is the budget. You can’t have a ring that’s overly expensive if you don’t have the money to pay for it. Also do a research first on the best jewelers in town.

Also, check out the best wedding cake of the week where you purchased your wedding plan services because they might have this awesome cakes to offer..

Elegant Moissanite Jewels


Women in general love jewelry. Whether it be genuine jewelry with precious stones like diamonds, sapphire, pearl, ruby, amethyst and the like or fashion jewelry or accessories. Wealthy people can buy any type of jewelry they like but what about those who don’t have as much? Everybody has a right to own beautiful and elegant pieces and the answer to that is buying moissanite gemstones. Moissanite is man made diamonds used in all kinds of jewelry and which cost a fraction of the price of jewelry containing real diamonds. It’s quite hard to distinguish a moissanite from an authentic diamond.

When it comes to selling high quality moissanite jewels, Moissanite.com, LLC is the best. It’s a wholly owned subsidiary of Charles & Colvard, Ltd. and the exclusive marketer and distributor of moissanite jewels around the world. They have been in business since 1995 and still growing strong. Every ring, earring, pendant, and bracelet has passed the strictest quality control methods and conforms to standards and specifications. Moissanite.com, LLC provides a Certificate of Authenticity and Limited Lifetime Warranty to its customers, making sure that their jewelries won’t fade or change color. Shopping is easy because you can choose by category. Click the picture of the item you like and details like price, product specifications, product options, and shipping information will be shown.

The meaning of heirlooms


In a rapidly moving world, people rarely take time to think about long-lasting bonds and their importance for our social interaction. For that reason, heirlooms – gifts given from one generation to the next – have an important function: to remind us of long-lasting family traditions and relationships which also represent immortal values. But which gifts are worthy to be given as heirlooms and why?

Jewelry as gift

One common thing which is often handed down from one generation to the next is jewelry. The necklaces, bracelets and rings which were already worn by grandmothers and grandfathers, often at important occasions such as weddings or birthdays, convey a sense of solidity in the family tradition. That is partly due to the fact that these pieces are made of materials like gold, silver, platinum or crystal – materials which have everlasting values and which do not change or get affected by natural circumstances over time. Each generation wearing these heirlooms as decorative elements adds a new family story which becomes part of the family history.

Time and temporality

In order to add even more meaning to the heirloom, it is a good idea to give away your watch, such as your own Jaeger-LeCoultre watch, because it embodies time in itself. The well-manufactured timepieces continue their service over many years so that ancestors are still able to use it to check the time. The diversity of style and design of timepieces which shows very well on this website additionally serves as a marker of a specific fashion period. Vintage designs, classic shapes and innovative technology give hints to the time period in which the watches were originally produced. Other heirlooms which have the same capacities are pieces of art. Paintings, sculptures and literature are also closely connected to a certain period while exceeding them through their timeless values.