need to check my post first!

yes before i publish my post i use to save it first to the draft then ill open it into the browser and read what ive done, lol why i should do that? well this blog is pretty optimize to the sense that every post made this blog send my post then to twitter and twitter send the post to my facebook page so meaning a lot of people who can visit and read the post right away, actually this blog is a great deal to those advertisers but as for now i dont work in any such advertisers thats why i need to check my moves first to avoid some criticism to those people around the both big social media yeah im quite afraid then..LOL

How To Tag your friends in your facebook status wall?

People are having a hard time to find out on how other people in facebook can really tag their friends over that status wall that they been made of, and yeah i still receiving some messages on my inbox via facebook that some of my friends are often asked me on how i can tagged them on my status, and yeah as you can see  the photo on top you can definitely find out on how to do that dear,haha

But for instant, if you dont gets on what the photo says,let me teach you on how to make just go on your home page on facebook of course or even on your profile page as long as you can see the wall that you can post your status to be, and by then just write the @ sign and the name of your friends who you would like to tag with , and there is it..all names will be shown up who you can tag y with..ok i think i am done explaining this and time  for me now to update my other blogs who haven’t updated quite thanks

How To Defrag Your Windows XP Hard Drive?

Ive been uploaded rather downloaded a lot of software’s before, as i bought this lap top a brand new one, because there’s no software who already installed to this lap top that i needed or i often to use while im doing my work online, such as yahoo messenger,skype and of course mozilla firefox and many more, but i think i gets overwhelm  downloading such other software’s where took me deleting some of those on my that i think who can make my lap top slowish? not sure though, but other says that defragging a computer is a big help to get it back like before, i mean to run it fast as before, so yeah i need to take a risk to try it, though i dont have any ideas on how to do this stuff on this lap top but as i browsed youtube , Ive Searched some tutorials that i think who can help me with, to do this defragging stuff smoothly, so here’s one of the videos that i found

I think this may help me to, to get this computer as fastest like before, because i getting pissed of, when im trying to do some blog hopping because of the slow ass that this computer performing of,lol so yeah i think, im done with this and i hope everything will be fine later..thanks

How to Hide your Identities Online?

sometimes on this blogging activities that we were doing on, we really need to hide  of our identities not just to hide our personal information but also to protect our blog its self, why? because other freaking people are trying to hack out our blog details such as cpnel, blog login details and such more and of course as they open it they’ll definitely destroy it for good? not sure though on what hacker want to do on your blog,if thats happen..

I cant get the point why people doing these stuff, maybe this was only their job? i dont know either,lol but i think we can do a simple way to avoid it so, how? as you registering your domain to be, make sure you can avail the private privacy that most domain registrar has, so nothing to worry about it and also some domain registrar has this feature wherein you can set your domain onto a protection in any theft which may happen on the future, but not all registrar have it so maybe you’ll have to search some good domain registrar as well , lol so yeah i think thats it for now and as i learn something new on my way long ill definitely update this for more relevant and informative one..thanks

How to have a bunch of tasks in any Paid Post Companies?

Just want to make this as helpful as i can and please bear with it because these are only my personal thoughts about the topic on how to have a bunch of tasks in any paid post companies, yeah im talking in universal not only in just one program but ALL, because i believe these tips that i will posted below are must to DO to have much offers to those paid post companies..hehe

1, you’ll  have to blog first such quality and unique content because advertisers want to see if you really can write such topics without payment intact on it..because in some way advertisers wont want you to blog about their products instead they allow you to do your personal thing which called “freeform”

2,having a great traffic which you can have by blog hopping and link building way, want a example? commenting blogging and submitting your site in any social bookmarking sites,free directories, and even those share story site must do..

3,of course if you did the step 2 tips, as Google update our page rank you’ll definitely have a great page rank its depend though on how many links do you spread around the search engine

4,and i think having any advertisement on your blog like text advertisement and pop-up ads is a big NO NO to those paid post companies because they just want a clean blogging appearances, so please dont attempt it so, anyways these are my only thoughts and insight but still you can choose what to do on your own

5, as you made any paid post to your blog you see to it that you can either post such unique one without any linked site on it, so that advertisers will see that you’ll keeping updating your blog..

so yeah i think these are only the must do things to have a bunch of task in any paid post companies..:) thanks

2ne1’s its hurt

After the successfully launched of the 2ne1 first full release album “to anyone” 3 song as been the crowds favorite which the go away,cant nobody and clap your hand but we can stop the group to show what they been up, so yeah their released another music video who is included on the new album(to anyone) the Its hurt, go and watch their first live performances below

so sleepy ass

its been to late on my time but still i need to write and blog about some things out on my other blog but still i need to update this as well in any kind of topic beside this was my personal blog and i can write what i want too, lol actually if i dont opened my facebook a while ago i think im pretty done of my task for today, go blame facebook for this, lol anyways its ok then because i enjoyed checking my facebook and i have no regret at so yeah i need to go now and start writing on my other blog so that i can able to renew this domain soon..ok thanks and have a sweet dreams everyone